The Samurai were a social class that were considered very disciplined people. Samurai lived their lives by a strict code, the way of the warrior. However, the Samurai were not perfect. Sometimes a Lord would ask them to commit dishonorable acts. Samurai were known to betray their Lord if another Lord persuaded them to. Samurai were also allowed to kill any citizen who did not show them respect. Though many consider Samurai as only men, there were women warriors as well, but there were not many. 

Samurai were very adaptable. They had many weapons. In warfare, they used katana, a wakizashi, a tanto, a longbow, and a spear. Eventually, they also began using guns and cannons. The Samurai carried two swords, the katana and the wakizashi. If Samurai were to fight with a Spartan, the Samurai would win. Taira no Kiyomori was a military leader that  established the first samurai-dominated administrative government in Japan.

For roughly 250 years, Japan would experience peace. Therefore, the need for martial skills declined and many samurai became bureaucrats, teachers, or artists. The samurai class was abolished around 1868. The last Samurai died in 1877. 


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