Eels are not everyone’s favorite! They’re slimy, and a bit creepy! But there are some interesting things to know about eels. Did you know, there are over 40 species of eel? That’s quite a variety! Eels can be found in salt water and fresh water. An eel looks a lot like a snake, but it is actually a fish and they do have gills. They have a very flexible spine that allows them to swim with ease. Some eels have scales, but most do not. Hopefully you don’t find out the hard way, but eels have very sharp teeth! 

Eels are kind of shy, so they love to hide. They live in caves and rock crevices, which allows them to sneak up on their prey a lot easier. Some species of eel travel up to 4,000 miles to breed…that’s incredible! When you hear the word eel, many people think of the famous freshwater fish called the ‘electric eel’. So, naturally, most people are terrified of eels! The electric eel’s home is the Amazon River, in South America. So, unless you plan to swim the Amazon anytime soon, you probably don’t have to worry about them ‘lighting up your life’. Thanks for visiting!



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