• In 1815, after Mt. Tambora erupted in present-day Indonesia causing famine and starvation for horses and livestock, leading to the discovery of a way to transport people without horses
  • A German inventor named Karl Drais decided he would build a device that could replace horse riding and two years later he presented his invention, and called it a velocipede
  • The velocipede was also called a “dandy horse”, “hobby horse”, and “whirlygig”
  • In 1850, the first three-wheeler was invented, allowing for a more stable ride
  • In 1870, the penny-farthing was invented, having one giant wheel and one small wheel, but it didn’t last because it was unstable and caused accidents
  • In 1885, a design called the “safety bicycle” had two equal-sized wheels and a front for steering was invented, which was so popular, it changed women’s fashion
  • Since women could not cycle in their restrictive clothing, the bicycle craze fed into a movement for more practical women’s clothing, helping to liberate women from corsets, ankle-length skirts, and other restrictive garments
  • In 1920, the kids bike invented
  • In 1930, Schwinn adds spring fork and fat tire, which later became the mountain bike
  • In 2000, the electric bike was invented










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