Pigs sure do stink! But there is something kinda cute about them too. There are wild pigs and domesticated pigs. Both stink. Wild pigs are called “wild boar”. Some people hunt these pigs. Pigs are also known as hogs and swine.

When a pig is born, it is called a piglet. How cute! Pigs have toes, not hooves. There are about 2 billion pigs in the world. That’s a lot of bacon! The “Jovan Warty Pig” can live up to 8 years.

Pigs are very intelligent. They also have an excellent sense of smell. Just look at that sniffer! Their snout is very good at finding food. Pigs are omnivores, meaning they love to eat plants and other animals. The fattest pig that ever lived was in China. It weighed in at 2,552 pounds.







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